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Q: What does a winchester 30 30 rifle model 1898 cost to buy?
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What is the value of an Illinois Sesquicentennial model 94 30 30 Winchester?

if your Winchester model 1894 Sesquicentennial rifle is in unfired condition?Then it will bring 595 dollars.Not bad for a rifle that cost 110 dollars in 1968 when it was issued.

How much did a Winchester model 1894 30WCF cost in 1898?

I can say that A Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle 26in barrel was priced at 19.50 in Winchester's June,1896 Catalog. A carbine with the 20in barrel was priced at 17.50, a round barreled 26in rifle was 18.00 dollars, and the take down model was priced at 25.00 dollars. I can add that the Sears catalog from 1900 (reprint) lists the round or octagonal barreled 30 WCF for $14.75.

Winchester 270 the name on the barrel is ranger you wanted to know what the price is?

I wanted to know what the cost is for a 270 Winchester rifle model ranger.

What is the cost of a Winchester model 70 2506 caliber cost?

If you are looking to purchase a used rifle in good condition,the cost will be between 475-600 dollars.

What is the value of an 1890 model Winchester 22 rifle pump-action hex barrel rimfire breakdown?

how much does it cost?

How much does it cost to buy a 3220 Winchester rifle model 1886?

just about 2500 give or take

When was the Winchester 150 22 rifle lever action made?

The Winchester Model 150 was a relatively low cost 22 caliber rifle that was sold from 1967 - 1974. Approximately 47,400 were made. (Source: Blue Book of Gun Values)

What is a winchester model 70 30-06 worth?

That depends on the overall condition of your rifle and how much original finish is remaining?If this rifle was made prior to 1964 it will bring a premium due to Winchester changing there production methods and cutting the cost and quality of the model 70 rifle.Your rifle can only be dated by serial number,which you would have to supply.

Who owned serial number 15711 Winchester Model 94?

There is no way of knowing who owned this rifle.A Winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in the year 1895 could have had many owners over the last 118 years.The best that you could do is get a letter from the Cody museum which houses the records of Winchester and see were the rifle was shipped to and to who.This letter will cost 65 dollars i believe.

How much did a Winchester 1898 32-40 cost in 1898?

3/5/2012 in 1899 average, in northwest us, $62.00. box of Winchester shells close to $20.00 and you saved the brass for reload.

How much did a 300mag Winchester model 70 serial number g2168150 cost brand new?

At the time of manufacture,your Rifle was priced between 425-500 dollars.

How much does a 30 30 Winchester rifle cost?

100-1000 USD or so