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This means a stick -- between 2 balls oo its basically means male genitals. or a penis

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Q: What does a stick between two balls mean?
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Why do your balls stick to your thighs so much?

This can be cause by two things. One: You're sweaty and the swear causes a case of "swamp balls" Two: You wear too constricting underwear.

How can you get shipowners?

bY giving them two balls and a line in between

What would be bettrr the gravitational force between two feathers or two bowling balls assuming the distance between them is equal?

If by "better" you mean "stronger", the greater masses will cause a stronger gravitational force.

What are the two pouches that lie between the bladder and the rectum?

the balls

What does a guys thing look like?

Imagine 2 balls sitting right next to each other. Inbetween the two balls, theres a stick. That's what a penis looks like

What does thrice as many red balls as green balls means?

Thrice means three times as many. If you have two green balls, it would mean you have six red balls.

What is the difference between a stick from a tree and a stick like structure from the same tree?

A stick from a tree has a PINGUS!!! while a stick like structure from the same tree has two PINGUSES!!!!

How did anne and her mother each think she could relieve depression?

she though that if she sucked a stick with two balls like miley she would be able to cure it

What is ball and stick model?

The ball-and-stick model represents the bonds that hold the atoms together by using balls and sticks. The atoms being the balls and the bonds that hold the atoms together being the sticks. The bond length, the average distance between the nuclei of two bonded atoms, is 95.8 pm and the bond angle, the angle formed by two bonds to the same atom, is 104.45 degrees. (a) is a good example. The pink ball to the white ball is the bond length and the white ball to the other white ball is the bond angle.

What does your balls mean?

Depending on the context of this statement it can mean different things. If the person saying it is a friend, or you are in a causal situation, it most likely refers to a male's testicles. A male's testicles are often refereed to as "balls" because of there shape. Or it could also mean, simply your balls, such as tennis balls. Generally those are the two most used meanings.

Is juggling two balls considered juggling?

No, although there are many definitions of juggling, the one that i think is the best is throwing and catching more balls than you have hands. For example you have two balls and two hands, so it is not juggling. using 3 would be juggling as you have more object than hands. Although you may mean juggling two balls in one hand. in which case that is juggling as you are using one hand and tow balls

How can you break in a lacrosse net as quickly as possible?

first wet the pocket with watet, put either one or two balls and then put two pencils between the balls and the sidewall. Wait 1day and take out