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A steady boyfriend means that you have really gone out with a person more than once. It means that one of you isn't leading the other one on...That you both REALLY TRULY like each other...for your personalities...not your bodies or any crap like that

A regular boyfriend you go out with often.

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Q: What does a steady boyfriend mean?
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Does Lisa have a steady boyfriend?

Milhouse isn't her boyfriend. the answer is no

Who is kristins boyfriend?

Kristin's steady boyfriend is Michael angarano.

What does it mean when a boyfriend gives you a ring?

It means that he wants to take it to the next level. You could say that you and him are going steady.

Is genevieve goings married?

No she is not but has a steady boyfriend.

What does it mean to ask someone to go steady?

It means to be boyfriend/girlfriend. So you date for a while and you can see other people while this is happening but once you go steady you guys are only for each other.

Ex boyfriend mean?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

What does it mean to go with someone?

thickTo date someone- boyfriend/girlfriend AnswerTo have a steady romantic friend relationship. ---------------------------------------to kiss someone with tongue

Is Evan Ratermann gay?

Yes he has a steady boyfriend from Nevada

How do you ask your boyfriend to go steady?

Well, if you want him to ask you, then all you need to do is mention it and if he gets the message he will ask you to go steady.

What is steady dating?

Steady dating is when you have an "offical" boyfriend or girlfriend. If you go on dates with someone, that is different because you go on dates with different people, but if you are dating someone constantly, it becomes steady, or non changing, so you are steady dating.

What does steady mean in rita's story?

i havent steady yet..

You don't have a boyfriend and wonder if a boy will ever like you enough to go steady?

Your ugly