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they love ya babe

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Q: What does a red heart mean on Facebook?
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What does heart symbol mean on Facebook?

I Want YOU !!

How do you put red love heart on Facebook?

Do this symbol '<' and a 3 after it..Example:- <3 The RED heart will only come in chat

What does red heart mean?

love i

What does a black heart on facebook mean?

It's a sign of affection or love <3

What does the heart mean on Tumblr?

It means that you 'like' the post, similar to the thumbs up from facebook.

How do you do red love heart on Facebook?

First you do this sigh < then this sign 3 but obviously together with no space like this: <3

How do you do the broken heart icon on Facebook?

How do you get the heart notification on facebook?

I am not sure what you mean by a heart notification. If you are asking how to make the heart symbol on Facebook, you use this < and put the number 3 next to it (no space). <3 will print out as a heart. If you want a thumbs up sign, use open parenthesis, the letter y, and close parenthesis (y).

What does tu corazon es rojo mean?

Your heart is red

What is an heart on Facebook?


What does a blue heart signify on facebook?

Facebook is a popular social networking website. There is no blue heart on Facebook but you can create a heart symbol in posts and comments by typing the "less than" sign and the number 3. A heart signifies love.

What does l mean on facebook?

l or sometimes writen as (L) means love or heart. on msn if u type (L) it comes as a heart. another way to do a heart is <3. on facebook it comes as a proper heart. here are some other things that people use... :L - Laughing face :P - Tongue <3 - heart Hope it helped! :)