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It looks weird

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Q: What does a flirty smile look like from a guy?
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What does it mean when a guy looks at you with a flirty smile?

They could like you and want to get you know you. Sometimes they just look at you with a flirty smile cause they are a player and may be doing it to get your attention or be playing with you.

The guy you like would smile at you a lot and not your friend does he like you?

it depends if the smile hes giving you is a friendly smile or a flirty smile.

What should you do if a guy looks at you who you think is cute?

Do you like him? If you din't then just pretend you didn't notice. If you do, then turn look into his eyes give a flirty smile and then look away.

What does it mean if your listening to turning me on by keri hilson and the guy you like gives you this weird smug flirty smile look and says i would like this song?

it means he totally likes you and is trying to flirt!

How do you get together with a guy?

Flirt, stare at him, smile, be funny. Be promiscuous... give him a look (flirty like lock eyes) then immediately turn away. It makes guys want you more.

Why does the guy you like's friends look and smile at you?

Its because they know about your crush

What should i say when a guy put his face near your face?

Smile at him and say,"You're cute" in a flirty, mysterious way.

I am a Gemini guy how do I attract a Virgo?

The same way that you would attract any other guy. Be yourself, get him to notice you, flash a smile, talk to him, be funny, be flirty.

Why does the outgoing guy you like look kinda weird and smile when he talks to you?

he probably likes you!

Could a flirty guy look at you whenever he finds you because you're ugly?

guys like personality and looks. make your personality stonning and a guy might like you. try sports!

What are some things flirty to say to the guy you like?

be yourself

Why do lesbians send flirty signals to a guy?

They don't. It's just that some straight men perceive flirty signals everywhere they look.