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BLue book of Gun values

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Q: What does a Hopkins Allen XL 5 double action 38 cal look like?
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What is the value of an Hopkins and Allen Arms Co Double action No 6 32cal?

Hopkins and Allen pistol have no real collectors value like the Colt or Winchester. It can have some value to a Hopkins and Allen collector (there are a few) but that would depends on overall condition. Basically i would guess at $100 - $150 on a good condition piece......................

Info on Hopkins Allen Arms falling block shotgun?

What information would you like?

What is the value of Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial no 20009?

i just like numbers, that's all :D

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun?

I hope someone answers this. I too have an old Hopkins & Allen 12 GA double barrel that I would like to know the value of. Someone told me that typically, the Hopkins & Allen brand was mostly a mail order product long ago. I've been told that as it was a mail order product, most likely there were a fair amount of these produced & the value probably was not substantial. I'm not a gun expert, but I have been to a fair amount of gun shows & thumbed through allot of gun books. I've never seen another Hopkins & Allen shotgun just like mine. I've seen a few that were similar, but not the same. One interesting thing on my shotgun is that every mating part has the serial # stamped on it. (a 4 digit #) I really like my old Hopkins & Allen, it has the external hammers to fire it. One of the hammers does not lock correctly, you have to pull the trigger forward for that hammer to get it to lock. I think a spring completes that task inside the gun normally, but mine has a broken one. The other hammer works correctly though. I used to use the gun a lot partridge hunting years ago & did some trap shooting with it too. I believe mine belonged to my great grandfather & when I'm done with it, I will hand it down to my boy. I won't part with it.

Difference between Single action and double action pistols?

Single action means that each action must be performed individually, like cocking the hammer then pulling to trigger to fire. Double action is when pulling the trigger performs both these actions at once.

Who actually made the 32 break top revolvers marked national arms co New York ny for HD folsom because they look like Hopkins and Allen?

Most likely HD

Your Hopkins Allen Arms Co Norwich Conn has serial 3938 stamped in the butt Any thougths?


Who does Alexis Hopkins like?

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Is Glock a single action pistol?

Glock describes their action design as "safe-action," and it has characteristics of both single- and double-action designs. Like a single-action, chambering a round sets the striker (firing pin) mechanism, but like a double-action that striker is pulled back farther by pulling the trigger. The idea behind the design was to have a shorter and lighter trigger pull than a DA gun, but not to have a fully cocked striker ready to fall like a SA gun, without requiring a manual safety like SA guns.

What does a XL double action H and A revolvers look like?

Pretty much like any other DA revolver of the time.

Where is safety on sw40ve pistol?

Double Action pistols may not HAVE a manual safety. Like a double action revolver, the trigger must move through a long and deliberate arc for the gun to fire. Not all guns have had a safety.

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