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Q: Info on Hopkins Allen Arms falling block shotgun?
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What company has parts for an early model Hopkins and Allen falling block 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?


When was Hopkins and Allen shotgun SN 1980 made?

Hopkins and Allen made double barrel shotguns from 1902-1909,they made single shots from 1887 to the early 1900,s.they also made the 38xl and 44xl drop block shotguns from 1890,s thru 1914.

Hopkins and Allen Arms 32 cal rim fire falling block I know its made after 1898 but cant find a model it does have a serial in the 34000's I would appreciate any infoThank you?

Your best bet is periodicals from the time that deal with the outdoors

What is value of Hopkins 12 gauge singleshot c4748 what year was it built?

Hopkins and Allen single shot shotguns were made from 1887-1914.Thes esingle shot shotguns could be had in Falling block,boxlock,safety single gun or goose gun configurations.Those made prior to 1900 would probably be made for black powder(Damascus barrels).The value will be in the type that you have,Falling block 125-150 dollars.Boxlock 80-100 dollars,goose gun 80-100 dollars,and safety single gun 125-155 dollars.

Value of Hopkins Allen drop block 22 with octagon barrel?

Need a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

When was a single barrel 12-gauge shotgun stamped 330997 manufactured by Hopkins and Allen?

Hopkins and Allen were in business from 1867-1914.There single shot shotguns date from 1902-1914,but they also made a falling block single shot shotgun from 1887-1902.These were in 12 gauge with a heavy frame,and in 16 gauge and 20 gauge with a medium frame.from 1902 onward to 1914 all shotguns were made of the tip over design.

What was the manufacure dates of a Hopkins Single shot 32 rifle model No 932?

Prior to 1916. That is the year they closed. Not many records available- sorry.The Hopkins and Allen falling block rifles were made from 1887-1914,when they purchased the Baystate Arms Company.Ther most common model was the junior model also known after 1902 as the 922,925,and 932.These were the catalog numbers assigned by Hopkins an Allen.It can be said that your rifle,which falls into this group was made sometime between 1902-1914.i hope that you find this informative.

How much is a good condition Hopkins and Allen Co. 822 falling block rifle?

The H&A Model 832 .32 rimfire caliber, rolling block action, was made starting around 1900 up to around 1914. In "GOOD" condition current retail value is in the $175 to $200 range, assuming it has a "loop" lever (closed). If your piece has the earlier "pig tail" (not closed loop) operating lever - the value will be approximately 25% higher.

Where can you find info on an old drop block 22LR?

Books on falling block 22 rifles.

What is a road block shotgun or barrel?

The road block shotgun you may be referring to is the Mossberg 500 "Road Blocker". It's a tactical use Mossberg released in 2009. Google "Mossberg Road Blocker".

Where is the location of serial number on batavia special shotgun?

On the bottom of the mono block.

What effect takes place when mountains block precipitation from falling in an area?


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