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Make good choices about what media to use and when and where to use them.

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2021-08-26 15:53:25
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2020-10-13 03:51:33

Making informed choices about media

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Q: What does Having a healthy media diet means?
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Having a healthy media diet means?

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Making informed choices about media •°*”˜.•°*”˜ 【Apex】 ✌︎

Why should you have a healthy diet?

Having a healthy diet assures that your body has the nutrition that it needs to carry out its activities. An unhealthy diet can lead to obesity and disease.

Is there too much in the media about diet and nutrition?

There is not very much diet and netrition in the media at this time. Once in a while you will see a show or a news story on healthy eating, but that's really it.

What must you do to keep healthy?

To stay healthy, we must be having at least five fruits a day. However we must NOT only be having fruits and vegetables all the time, we must be having a balanced diet. A balanced diet is when we eat a variety of everything.

What does poor diet mean?

A poor diet means to not have healthy food such as carrots and apples it mean to eat things like chips and cakes and other stuff you should not be having every single night for diner

How can you implement a healthy living?

Healthy living is a matter of lifestyle. Having a good and nutritious diet and a exercise regiment is key.

What is definition of healthy eating?

Healthy eating means that the person is eating a balanced diet i.e a diet that provides the correct amount of nutrients for the need of the individual.

What is good to lower your blood pressure?

By having a healthy diet,excercising,and lower your weight.

Is it necessary to follow a special diet before having lap band surgery?

It is best to begin eating and maintaining a healthy diet before having lap band surgery. This healthy lifestyle change should also be maintained after the surgery.

Controlling Diabetes with Diet?

Making healthy changes to your lifestyle, including a healthy diet and increased exercise, can increase your chances of controlling diabetes without having to add medication or insulin.

How compatible is chocolate/candy with a healthy diet?

We all are aware that chocolates and candies are really not good for someone who are having diet. But the good thing is you can do something so that you can still have it in a healthy way.

Was a peasants diet healthy?

was a peasants diet healthy

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