What does Gravida 2 para 0 AB 2 means?

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2 pregnancies. 0 live abortions/miscarriages 2

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Q: What does Gravida 2 para 0 AB 2 means?
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What does gravida 0 para 0 mean?

Gravida and Para is a measure mostly used in medical field to know how many pregnancies and how many deliveries. Gravida 0 means somebody has never been pregnant, but gravida 0 and para 0 is somehow not very convincing since delivery (para) is out of question without getting pregnant. But G1 P1 means one pregnancy and one delivery. If you say just G0, it means 'never been pregnant'. There are also more to para like deliveries, live births, abortions, and living children as P2-0-0-2.

What does gravida 1 para 1 abortive 0 female with good health mean?

Gravida is how many times pregnant, para is how many were born. Abortive I guess means how many abortions or miscarriages, that makes no sense since all you need is gravida and para.

How do you type gravida 3 3 0 0 3?

gravida 3, para 3-0-0-3 ........ or G3, P3-0-0-3

WHAT DOES para 2 gravida para 0 mean?

Pregnant twice and delivered no live births

What does Gravida 4 para 3-0-1-3?


When transcribing a dictation what does gravida 6 para 3 Pt 0 A2 N3 mean?

Gravida 6 means 6 pregnancies Para 3 means 3 live births A2 means 2 aborted N3 should mean 3 living children

What does Gravida 4 para 3 0 1 3?

4th preganant ,

What does gravida 2 para 0 TAB 1 mean?

G= Gravida means # of PregnancyP= Parity means # of deliveries > 20 weeksTerm= > 37 wksPreterm= 20-37 wksSAB- Spontaneous Abortion= (miscarriages)TAB- Terminated Abortion= (abortion by choice)Living- # of living children

Gravida 4 para 2-0-1-2?

4 pregnancies, 2 term infants, 0 premature, 1 abortion, and 2 living children

What does the medical abbreviation G1P1A0 mean?

G1P1A0 means the woman had one pregnancy and one baby, with no miscarriages or abortions. It stands for Gravida 1 (one pregnancy) Para 1 (one delivered baby) and Abortion 0.

Gravida 3 para 0 plus 1?

As far as i can see this doesn't add up. The Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology explains the terminology as follows: Gravida x, para a + b x= the total number of pregnancies (including this one) a= the number of births beyond 24 weeks gestation b= the number of miscarriages or termination of pregnancies before 24 weeks gestation Given this information, your example means that your lady has had 3 pregnancies (including the current pregnancy if she is currently pregnant). Para 0 means none of the pregnancies were delivered beyond 24 weeks. There has been one termination before 24 weeks. There is therefore one pregnancy unaccounted for in this example.

What does the medical abbreviation G2P1A0 mean?

G2P1A0 is short for gravida 2, para 1, abortion 0, which means the patient has experienced two pregnancies (one of which is happening now), one live birth, and no miscarriages or induced abortion.

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