WHAT DOES para 2 gravida para 0 mean?

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Pregnant twice and delivered no live births

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Q: WHAT DOES para 2 gravida para 0 mean?
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Related questions

What does gravida 0 para 0 mean?

Gravida and Para is a measure mostly used in medical field to know how many pregnancies and how many deliveries. Gravida 0 means somebody has never been pregnant, but gravida 0 and para 0 is somehow not very convincing since delivery (para) is out of question without getting pregnant. But G1 P1 means one pregnancy and one delivery. If you say just G0, it means 'never been pregnant'. There are also more to para like deliveries, live births, abortions, and living children as P2-0-0-2.

What does Gravida 2 para 0 AB 2 means?

2 pregnancies. 0 live abortions/miscarriages 2

What does gravida 2 para 3 mean?

gravida 3 means three pregnancies and para 2 means that only two of them progressed past 20 weeks

What is gravida 1 para 2 mean?

one pregnancy two living children

When transcribing a dictation what does gravida 6 para 3 Pt 0 A2 N3 mean?

Gravida 6 means 6 pregnancies Para 3 means 3 live births A2 means 2 aborted N3 should mean 3 living children

Gravida 4 para 2-0-1-2?

4 pregnancies, 2 term infants, 0 premature, 1 abortion, and 2 living children

What does the medical term para mean?

Para on its own -- not as a prefix -- means the number of live children a woman bore. (Gravida refers to number of pregnancies). So a woman who had two pregnancies and three children (a set of twins) is Gravida 2 Para 3.

What does gravida 3 para 0030 mean?

Gravida means pregnant. The numbers following "gravida" indicate the number of pregnacies, so "Gravida 3" means Third Pregnancy. Para means having given birth to one or more viable infants, and the number following "para" indicates the number of times the woman has given birth. For example, Gravida 5 Para 2 would indicate 5 pregnancies but only 2 infants, meaning 3 miscarriages. Most likely what you're wanting to know is what Gravida 3 Para 3 means- it means 3rd pregnancy resulting in a 3rd infant.

What is the gravida-para number for a woman who has had 3 miscarriages and 2 live births?

grav 5, para 2

What is a gravida 2 para 2?

Gravida 2 means a woman who has been pregnant twice and para 2 means the number of pregnancies that have progressed to 20 or more weeks at delivery, whether the fetus was born alive or was stillborn.

What does gravida 2 para 1001 mean?

It means you have been pregnant twice and delivered a baby once and have one living baby.

What does gravida 2 para 0 TAB 1 mean?

G= Gravida means # of PregnancyP= Parity means # of deliveries > 20 weeksTerm= > 37 wksPreterm= 20-37 wksSAB- Spontaneous Abortion= (miscarriages)TAB- Terminated Abortion= (abortion by choice)Living- # of living children

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