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It's a model designation that Remington uses, i.e., Remington 11-87.

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Q: What does 11-87 mean for a shotgun?
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Will a Remington 1187 barrel fit on a auto5?

NO! The 1187 barrel was for remington shotguns,the auto-5 shotgun is a browning shotgun.

Are 1187 and 1100 shotgun barrels interchangable?

AFAIK, no.

1187 primier shotgun-remington20 ga what is the value?

100-360 or so

What is the value of a 1187 Remington shotgun?

The value of an 11-87 Remington shotgun depends on the condition of the gun. This shotgun in excellent condition sells for between 50.00 and 625.00 as of 2014.

What are the factors 1187?

The factors of 1187 are: 1, 1187. 1187 is a prime number.

Instruction manual for Remington 1187 shotgun 12ga?

If you go to Remington's web site, you can request one or download one.

How do you rmove a bolt from a Remington 1187 shotgun?

IMHO you would be better served by ordering a replacement manual for free on the Remington site.

Did Remington ever make a 1187 pump shotgun?

No, the 11-87 is a semi auto shotgun. If you saw a pump action which looked like an 11-87, it may have been a Remington 887.

What is the Roman Numeral for 1187?


Is 1187 divisible by 9?

1187 is not evenly divisible by 9.

What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the bakail made by Remington shotguns?

The 1187 is made in USA, the Bakail is made in Russia.An 11-87 is a shotgun designed by remington to shoot 31/2 in shells. The bikail is a russian made shotgun that shoots the same shell. Remington bought Bikail and is now selling the guns under there name. Bikail has a chrome lined barrel the 11-87 does not

What is 1187 divided by 74?


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