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You just say,thanks or thank you in a sincere way. But,some men try to get you by doing this and figure they can win you over. You just have to be careful.

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Q: What do you say when someone says you're beautiful?
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What do you say if someone says you are beautiful?

just say to the person you wont to say to ans the say "your beautiful"

If a man tells you that you're beautiful should you always write it off as a man just hitting on you?

Usually, if a guys hitting on you, theyll say something sexy like, "your hot" if someone tells you youre beautiful, as long as its someone you've known for a while, they probably really think it.

What will say when someone say congratulations to me?

When someone says congratulations to you, or when someone congratulates you, say, "Thank you".

What do you say when a person says that they are not pretty?

I usually say "You're beautiful in my book"

What if someone calls you beautiful?

You say thank you

What does it mean when someone says youre my sevie?

It means you're in 7th grade, but why you're their sevie I couldn't say. Or possibly they mean you're their sieve, that they use to strain things, but they cannot spell.

What do you say when someone says your funny?

if someone says your funny just say lol i know. lol get you out of everything.

What do you say when someone says de nada?

The same thing you say when someone says "you're welcome" - nothing.

How do you react when some one says I love you to you?

if youre a girl you say aww and ily too if your a guy say thank you cutie

What can you say if someone asks you if you have a life as in they ask in a friendly way?

You say : Do you have a life ? And smile or if youre texting put a :) or ;).

What do you say when someone says wait?

say 'ok'

What can you say if people says your ugly?

Every one is beautiful to someone else, and it works the other way around. So that person is ugly to someone else, even if you or they don't agree. Someone will find them as ugly as sin!!