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Well tell the truth, if you stalked her in extremes to get it, just tell her that you needed something from her and you asked one of her friends for it. lol

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Q: What do you say when a girl asks how you got her number?
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What to say to a girl after she asks how are you?

Say 'i'm fine, how're you ?'

Does it mean a girl likes you if she asks for your phone number?

Only she could answer this for sure but I'd say that it is a very good chance that she does.

What to say when a girl asks you why did you think she liked you?

the truth

What do you do if a girl asks you out but you are not allowed to date?

still say YES!!

What happens if a girl asks you if your into modeling?

If you are in modeling, then say so, if you aren't then say that you are not a model.

What are cute responses after you're asked out?

Girl asks guy out, kiss her on the cheek. Guy asks girl out, say "we'll see" and blow him a kiss.

What should you do if a girl asks you out?

When a girl asks you out,look at her in the eyes then make your disicion.If you don't then just say'' Im really sorry but i don't want to go out with you.Or if you say yes then say''Umm well sure!

What do you say when someone asks you if you got a haircut?

Yes I did, thank you! Do you like it?

What to say when a girl asks if you like her but your not entirely sure?

Be honest about how you feel.

When a girl asks a boy if they like you why do they say no?

Because they don't like you.

What to say when a girl asks over facebook why did you think she liked you?

answer truthfully.

What can a guy say if a girl asks what you think about her friend who is a girl?

Tell them if you like the girl tell them if you dont you will be miserable if you dont!