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say what you really are looking for in a girl.

because maybe she/he might know somebody that you'll like or say is hot.

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Q: What do you say if a girl ask you what you look for in a girl?
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What to say when a girl ask you how did they look pretty?

being look pretty are to be a simple...

What to say to ask out a girl?

Say "look i like you and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?" and then smile

What should you say to ask a girl out?

Say "look i like you and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?" and then smile

20 qustions to ask a girl?

1. Ask a GIRL Not to be rude But do u think I'm Cute and date worthy Then say whatever you wanna say but don't blurt it out 2. (Asking a girl out) make sure you look nice and ask the girl who she is dating and if she says no one ask her out.

How you can know that girl likes you?

i am a girl and loads of boys asked me just ask they usually say yes and if you dont say it just look how the way she looks at you

You are a girl and this girl has been talking on you and she is going to try and say something to you what is something good to say to her to make you look good?

you say did i ask you for a cup of coffee then stay out my mug by Carmen

How do you ask a girl to out?

Ask face-to-face not by phone or friends. Look her in the eyes and say "Will you go out with me." If its a yes keep cool, if it's a no say something such as "that's ok".

What do you say to get a girl to take off her clothes?

To ask a girl to take off her clothes I would ask "hey i wonder what you would look like naked. could you show me?"

How do you know when you love?

When you are in love is keep look at the boy or girl and then your kove heart starts to say ask her or him out

How do you tell if a girl is a guy?

Ask her. Or ask to look

How do you ask a girl out by text?

You don't. It will make you look like a P*ssy. Go up to her and say what you need to say. Seriously be a man about it.

How do you know a girl likes you in 4th grade?

it is easy if a girl like you she will almost tell every one but not your friends she will smile at you when she looks at you she will talk about you. and i am a girl and you don't know if she like you or not so TELL HER she will what to hear! BUT DONT ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE IF YOU ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE SHE WILL ALWAYS SAY KNOW IF A GIRL DOES NOT LIKE YOU WELL SHE WONT LOOK AT YOU OR SMILE WHEN YOU LOOK SHE WILL DO OPPISITE YOU GET IS Now sorry for so much but please ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER!