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it is easy if a girl like you she will almost tell every one but not your friends she will smile at you when she looks at you she will talk about you. and i am a girl and you don't know if she like you or not so TELL HER she will what to hear! BUT DONT ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE IF YOU ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE SHE WILL ALWAYS SAY KNOW IF A GIRL DOES NOT LIKE YOU WELL SHE WONT LOOK AT YOU OR SMILE WHEN YOU LOOK SHE WILL DO OPPISITE YOU GET IS Now sorry for so much but please ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER!

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Q: How do you know a girl likes you in 4th grade?
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How do you know if a girl likes me in 4th grade?

Ask her

How do you know when a 4th grade girl likes you?

Basically, the girl will stare at you, laugh at all your jokes, and try to be close to you. I know because I am in fourth grade. But, if you like to fight a lot with the girl, and you guys always say mean things to each other, THE GIRL LIKES YOU AND YOU LIKE HER!

Im in the 4th grade and you like this boy and you dont know if he likes this girl or you what should you do?

ask him who he likes....then if your comfortable tell him you like him.

How do you know if a girl likes you in 4th grade?

Trust me, in fourth grade, you don't exactly have relationships, even if you think you do. you probably won't have a REAL girlfriend (or want one) until you are in 6th, or 7th grade.

What do 4th grade boys like in a 4th grade girl?

well my friend, likes a boy in 4th grade but when i make her mad around him and goes away he would give" me i like you eyes"when i talk about how she was a drama he like girls who likes to talk about girls

Im in the 4th grade and you like this girl but you dont know if she likes you back?

I am in 7th grade and from personal experience, only time can tell, but if you ever see her staring at you, or she talks to you more that usual those are tell tale signs that she likes you

How do you know if your in fourth grade and a boy likes you?

well if your in the 4th grade you realy shouldn't be thinking about relationships anyway

What if you're in the 4th grade and you have a crush on a girl but you don't know if she likes you?

Well for one since you are in the fourth grade things could get serious. If you are close to her and want to find out get the courage to go up to her and ask ina nice way.

Im in the 4th grade but you want to go out with a girl in the 5th grade how do you ask her?

you should just become friends with her first and if she really likes you age won't matter.

How do you get a 4th grade girl to like you but she likes someone else?

your to little sorry ;) I say be nice to her. If she already likes someone else it may be smart to just be friends with her.

How do you tell if a girl likes you in 4th grade?

if you look at her she may quickly look away or if you bump in to her and its pretty obvious she set it up.

How do you get a girlfriend in the fourth grade?

when you are in 4th grade and at the same school as last year and some girls liked you and you didn't know some one will tell you. in 4th then if you like who likes you ask them out you don't need to be in 4th twice to get a girlfriend.