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What you learn from the film Amadeus about the difference between talent and genius is tha talent is more appreciated. Genious is sometimes looked down upon. Those with talent get treated better.

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Q: What do you learn from the film A madeus about the difference between talent and genius?
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What is the difference between talent and capability?

They're is a reasonable difference between talent and capability. Cabability is simply being able to do something, no matter how good or bad. If you have a talent for something, you're good at it.You're talented and capable.

What is the Difference between a gift and talent?

A talent is something you're born with. A gift is something given to you, or developed later.

What is the difference between skill and strategy?

Skill is based on raw talent, whereas strategy is based on getting the most out of what talent you have

Someone who has a very special talent?

its a word starts with ge Genius

What difference between the word talent and gift?

Talent is one of the gifts a person might be given. Beauty is another, and so is intelligence.

Does it take a genius to become a physicist?

No. Physics is a highly academic subject that can take a great deal of study and determination to become proficient in, and having natural talent (particularly in the area of mathematics) is certainly helpful in physics; however, it is not necessary to be a genius to become a physicist. =========================== I think you should understand the difference between The Big Bang Theory and the real world.

Why all people are not genius?

All are genious ,they need to dig out their gifted talent

When will you become a genius?

It depends on your definition of 'genius'. Usually it is someone who is exceptional or has well above average talent in a particular field or subject. By this definition not everyone can be a genius. What you can do is be the best you personally can be in your field.

What is a synonym for the word talent?

ability, gift capacity, endowment, flair, bent, genius

What is the difference between talent and intelligence?

Talent is walking on a tightrope over the Niagra falls, but not doing it is Intelligence...

What is the difference between an interest and a talent?

You are born with a talent, It's something in you that you know you can achieve. An interest comes into play when you realize it's something you MIGHT achieve.

What is the difference between a talent and a skill?

I believe the difference is that a talent is something that someone is lucky enough to be born possessing - a natural ability to do something. A skill is something that can be learned, honed and improved. The question is: which is more admirable?