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I've been in a realtionship with this guy for 1 year and 1 month and i keep thinking he is the love of my life but he has cheated on me twice that i know of but i keep taking him back. he says he has changed and so i take him back and then he is all sweet and stuff for a couple months then it goes back to the same way it was him being mean and rude and abusing me and then he cheats on me and then i find out or he just tells me, i cry and stuff he says he's sorry and that he loves me and that we will be together forever and i believe him and the cycle keeps on going and i can't get out of it. I've cought him saying sexual things to other girls God only knows how many times all my friend tell me that i need to break up with him but i can't i WANT him to change but he's not going to and i see that but i just can't let him go. this one time i was at his house and he was showing me somthing on the computer and a picture poped up of a girl in a very slutty outfit saying"hey babe i love you" and i just blew it off like i never saw it. why do i keep doing this i really need someone to help me and tell me what i need to do. i thought that maybe if i find another guy that i would be able to let him go easier but i tried that back around Christmas and i ended up cheating on that guy with the abusive cheating boyfriend i was trying to get away from. its like i keep falling for his tricks and he is just playing me. he's gone away to work at a camp this summer for 8 weeks straight and he told me the other day when he called that he is working with all girls.....he's doing a wrangaling job and all the other wrangalers are girls. idk what to do i know he is gonna cheat on me but it's like i can't break up with him even know i know its gonna happen i feel that if i do break up with him just for the summer that he is gonna find someone else and I'm gonna be alone....i know i have alot of problems. i just need someone to tell me what to do.....please help me

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Q: What do you do when your in a messed up relationship?
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