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Take it to the phone store

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Q: What do you do if your palm pixi doesnt turn on?
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Does the palm pixi have wifi?

The Palm Pixi Dosent have wifi but the palm pixi plus does

Which is better the palm pixi plus or the palm pixi pre?

It's either the Palm Pixi Plus or The Palm Pre, it depends on who you are and what you like

When was Palm Pixi created?

Palm Pixi was created in 2009.

Is the palm pixi touchscreen?

Yes the palm pixi is a touchscreen, and it's an awesome phone.

Is a data package required for the palm pixi?

is a data package required for palm pixi

Is the at and t palm pixi a smartphone?

Yes, the Palm Pixi runs WebOS, it is a smartphone operating system that all of Palm's current-generation phones run including the Palm Pixi and Palm Pre. While the Palm Pixi isn't the most powerful smartphone out there, it is sill a smartphone.

How much is the palm pixi?

The palm pixi from at&t is about 150 ishh jsu looked online ;))

Is the iphone better than the palm pixi?

yes, you can download things faster and its not that complicating as the palm pixi

What are the benefits to the palm pixi plus?

No, the Palm Pixi Plus does not use the windows only features. The Palm Pixi Plus' newest and biggest feature is its wifi that turns it into a mini wifi router.

How do you set up a text signature on the palm pixi?

Currently you are unable to set a signature on an sms account on the palm pixi.

Can you video chat on the palm pixi?


What is the difference between the palm pixi and the palm pixi plus?

The palm pixi plus has the ability to go on the Internet and it has 3G, it also has more memory (8GB) and is faster at basic things like scrolling around the phone. The screen also has more colour.