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Talk to him and be yourself. If he likes you, great. If not, move on.

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Q: What do you do if you are too shy to tell a guy you like him?
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How do you get a guy to grab your butt?

Bribe him or tell him too...if he agrees

What does it mean if You like a guy but hes confident around everyone but you?

If he's confident around other people, like his friends, but he acts shy or a little unsure of himself when he's around you it means he really likes you. I'm a guy and no matter what you may have heard guys are scared to death of girls because we're never quite sure what to say or how we're supposed to act when we are around you. It gets easier when we get older but when we're in school it's tough. It sounds like your guy really has a thing for you and you make him nervous. Guys have a hard time expressing their feelings because we always want to 'look cool.' Give him some time and a little space but don't let up on him too much. Boys like to be chased too. If you feel comfortable, try asking him out. He may loosen up a little if he knows you like him too.

What does it mean when a guy you like and he knows you like him and want to sleep with him knocks on your bedroom window late at night?

It means he likes you too.

Is it a bad thing if i am in a relationship with this great guy but i have been flirting with this guy i work with and he has been flirting back?

FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT BAAAACK!!!!! HOLD HIS HAND--MOVE IN FOR THE KISS------GET INVOLVED!!!!! EVEN MORE IF U WANT. GOOO GALLLL If you like this other guy too....then no worries!!!!!!! Your flirting guy could be crazy about DONT pass up the chance!!!!!!!!

What does a guy mean when he says he has always liked you and has more than feelings for you?

It means he has a crush on you. He has feelings of love for you. It means he wants to date you. If you have feelings for him too, tell him. He may ask you out. And if he isn't confident enough, ask him out!

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What does it mean when a guy knows you like him and is nice to you?

it means that he also likes but is too shy to tell it

You are a very shy girl when it comes to guys and you really like this guy but he is shy too and you not sure if he likes you cause he doesnt talk to me?

i will not like that guy anymore as i don't really like shy guy if you really like that guy make sure that he dotes on you very much try to tell him that you like him cause some guys are like that shy shy de if you do the first move,he might be abit more brave hope you have a good time with that guy

How can you tell a guy you like him if he's constantly surronded by other girls and you're too shy anyway?

By overcoming your shyness. How will a guy know you like him if you wont go near him?

What happens if you like a guy but you are too shy to admit it?

Then nothing happens. Unless he likes you too and he isn't as shy as you.

What if you are shy but want a guy to like you?

Be brave! Go up to him and tell him that you like him. He might say he likes you too, and if he doesn't then will be a good experience for you.

How do you tell a guy that you like him?

You should just be yourself. If you're the shy type, you have to make him think that you like him. But if you aren't shy, just tell him and maybe he likes you, too, but doesn't know how to say it!AnswerJust tell him how you feel. Don't be shy or scared. It's better to get it all out.Make sure your not "jumping all over him". Guys hate that! Also, make sure you are friends for a while.....

What does it mean if a guy doesnt tell you he likes you when you ask?

It could mean he really just doesn't like you or he is too shy to admit to liking you.

What does it mean when a guy say that he likes you to your friend?

It means he likes you but is too shy or afraid of rejection to tell you. If you like him, give him some encouragement.

When you like a guy should the girl make the first move if the guy is too shy to do so?

yes she should make the first move is he is shy

How do you let a guy know you like him with out telling him?

Well you have to tell him , otherwise he will never know how you feel about him . If you're too shy to approach him , then you can send him a note or email him .

What do you do when your shy and crush shy too and you know they like you?

If he is not courageous enough then it upto you to step up and be the one to tell him you like him and hell get the courage to tell you he likes you to.

Why is the guy you like too shy to admit that he likes you?

Maybe he wants to seem like the tough to get guy in school? If he does like you then, well, ask him.