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Dart thrower?

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Q: What do you call a person who throws darts?
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What is the Mark from which a player throws darts?

Oche or HOCKEY

What do you call a person that throws boomerangs?

boomrang thrower

What is mais fighting style on avatar?

she throws knives and poison darts

Is ocky a term used in darts?

That is the pronunciation, but it is spelt oche. It is a darts term, referring to the line players stand behind when they are taking their throws.

If a girl plays darts and the probability that she hits the target is 25 percent and if she throws 10 darts what is the probability that she hits the target at least seven times out of ten?

The probability is 0.0035

What is a treble in a game of darts?

That's what the English call a triple.

What do you call the place where darts is played?

The location is the venue. The venue is almost always a bar/pub for league darts, but many local darts associations hold annual tournaments in hotel ballrooms.

Would the mechanical advantage of the dart tip change if the tip were longer or thinner?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is: the longer your points and the thinner your darts AND points, the closer together your darts can stick in the board. A more compact group takes better advantage of accurate throws, with less darts deflected off course due to fat darts or points.

What do you call a game in which small pointed missiles are thrown at a board?


Why do they call a score of 100 in darts a ton which is 2000 pounds?

A ton is also slang for 100, not just darts but any 100 can be called a ton

How do you win darts with two throws?

You can't finish 501 in two turns, but you can finish 301 in six darts (D-20, T-20, T-20, T-20, T-19, D-12 is one way to do it).

What do you call a ghost that throws objects around the house?

you call it an a$$ hole