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a girl who looks like a guy Yeah, what he said. -Robertpattinsonsgirl-

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Q: What do you call a girl who looks like a guy?
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How do you know if a girl is unfertile?

If she looks like a guy

What does it mean when a shy guy looks at the girl and the girl looks away Then later the girl realises the guy is looking at her looks at him then looks away. Does the guy like her?

As a guy, this would probably mean that he has SOME feelings towards the girl. If the "girl" is you, then you should probably trust your own feelings, not some website. Good luck! probably that's how i act only when i really like a girl usually but not everyone is the same so if you like him ask him out not every guy has enough to ask

Dose a guy like a girl if he looks at her when she doesn't look?

If a guy looks at a girl when she is not looking, that does not always neccessarily mean he likes you! Hope this helps! =)

Why do many girls say boys are cute is it about how they look or their attitude?

It depends on the girl. Some girls call a guy cute do to their personality. Others call a guy cute do to their looks. It really depends on the girl who says it. It is even possible that the girl likes you for your personality and your looks.

Is laroux the singer a boy or girl?

I think she is a girl but she looks like a guy. I think that he/she is an it

What do you call a girl who behaves like a guy?


Do girls like Indian guys?

it depends on the girl. every girl looks for something different in there guy.

What do you call a lesbian that looks like a guy?

That person would be called a 'butch'.

Why did the game creators make birdo a guy when he looks like girl?

Its been said by Nintendo that "Birdo is a guy who thinks hes a girl." Which makes him transgender.

Why is it okay for a girl to like a guy for his looks but it's practically a crime for guys to like girls due to their looks?

because women think there are different rules for them

What should you do if im gay with a guy but you like a girl?

Call yourself bisexual.

What is the first thing a guy looks in a girl?

the irst thing a guy looks i a girl is that therre nice and loving cute and smart and loves pop that's my guy appinone