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If she looks like a guy

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Q: How do you know if a girl is unfertile?
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What age do rabbits become unfertile?


How do you use arable in a sentence?

arable means refined .. an antonym will be unfertile

When will a chicken lay an unfertile egg?

When there has been no contact with a rooster for at least 10 days.

Can an unfertile woman get pregnant?

Not being able to get pregnant is what being unfertile, or infertile means - so no. However, nature can be a bit tricky, and apart from a couple of medical conditions it's quite hard to say when the chance of pregnancy has disappeared entirely.

Can a cocktailc lay unfertile eggs?

yes they can, if there is no male, or if perches are not stabile, than mating can be unsuccessful

What is the surgery called to make a male unfertile?

That's commonly called either sterilization, or a vasectomy.

When should you remove parakeets unfertilized eggs?

whenever you want, make sure its unfertile though

Your boyfriend had surgery on his penis to make a tube in it will that make him unfertile?

Probably not his fertility does not depend on the penis but on the equipment in his testicles.

Do girl budgies lay empty eggs?

As with all bird, a female budgie can lay eggs at any time in her adult life. If she has not successfully mated with a male, the egg is called empty, or clear, which means it is unfertile. When you shine a light through the egg it will appear clear.

Who is Ella frizadre?

She was a girl who I dont know of but I do know she is a girl.

What coulor should gecko eggs be when they hatch?

the gecko eggs should be white and if any yellow or pink that means they are rotten or unfertile

What is the land in the south and southwest parts of Asia?

Hard dry unfertile soil and usally woth rocks in them, and in wonter muddy land.