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First of all, you have spelled it wrong, it is stationery, not stationary. At a stationery store you can buy various products related to education, such as books, notebooks, pencil pouches, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, pencil colors, paint colors, water colors, papers, files, crayons, rulers and much more.

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Q: What do you buy at a stationary store?
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Where can you buy kid erasers?

The easiest place to by them is in a stationary store, eg. WHSmith's

Que compras en la papeleria?

"What do you buy in the stationary?" Note that "Stationary" is a store where you buy school materials; Such as... Pencils, Pens, Rules, Folders/Binders.. ECT.

How do you download A 4 size 80gsm paper?

You don't "download" paper.. You BUY it from a stationary store or an online store!

Where can you buy overhead transparencies?

If its for use with an Overheard Projector any good stationary store will stock them.

What is a stationary store?

A "stationary" store is one that is not moving. A "stationery" store is one that sells letter-writing supplies.

What is stationary store?

A "stationary" store is one that is not moving. A "stationery" store is one that sells letter-writing supplies.

Where does smiggle buy their stationary?

Smiggle, does not buy stationary, they have factories, and machines that create them!!

Where can I get a good cartridge?

There are many places to buy ink cartridges. For example, you can walk over to your nearest stationary store, or buy it online and have it shipped to you.

Where can you buy clear glue?

Almost any craft store and many stationary stores sell clear glues.

Where can I buy some Post It notes?

Post It notes can be found at virtually any store. Try Walmart, Target, Kmart any department store in the stationary section. You can buy them on Ebay or Amazon websites. You can buy them in any office supply or dollar store as well.

Where can I buy winter wedding invitations?

One can buy cheap wedding invitations in the following sites; Light in The Box, Zazzle, Exclusively wedding, Invitations by Dawn, Wedding Stationary Store, and Minted store.

Where can you buy coloured sticky back plastic?

Amazon have a good range -- Most good stationary store have this type of product

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