What is a stationary store?

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A "stationary" store is one that is not moving.

A "stationery" store is one that sells letter-writing supplies.

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Q: What is a stationary store?
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Related questions

What is stationary store?

A "stationary" store is one that is not moving. A "stationery" store is one that sells letter-writing supplies.

Where do you get the coupons on webkinz?

At a stationary store

What is the purpose of a stationary store?

A stationary store sells all products related to writing. Pencils, pens, paper, scrap-booking material, paper with graphics, envelopes and other products such as this can found inside a stationary store.

Where can purchase A3 paper?

Any good stationary store or on line stationary retailer will supply A3 paper.

Do most stationary stores have services for scanning documents?

No. Stationary stores deal with just the sale of paper stationary and accessories for such stationary. If you need to scan a document it is best to go to a store such as Kinko's FedX.

Where can you find Pixie Magazines?

At any stationary or book store

What are the best places in Pittsburgh PA to purchase custom stationary?

Great Stationary, Great local store, great service!. Carole who owns the store is wonderful, big-hearted, and is the best of Pittsburgh. This store has everything great stationary stores around the world have, but also has a great collection of unique items.

How do you download A 4 size 80gsm paper?

You don't "download" paper.. You BUY it from a stationary store or an online store!

Where can you buy kid erasers?

The easiest place to by them is in a stationary store, eg. WHSmith's

what kind of stationary are there?

There are countless forms of stationary products. They do have many colors to choose from as well as nice designs. Your local store should have many items to choose from.

Which is a better stationary store smash or smiggle?

Definitely smiggle it is great quality equipment

Que compras en la papeleria?

"What do you buy in the stationary?" Note that "Stationary" is a store where you buy school materials; Such as... Pencils, Pens, Rules, Folders/Binders.. ECT.

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