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I don't think it's smart to talk to this other woman who had the affair with your husband. I know if you do, it will give you some closure on why he cheated on you. You will not learn anything useful. Even if she was gracious or friendly and give you all the tiny details about your husband, how would that help you? This mistress doesn't owe you nothing, even if she was the party to your husband's infidelity but he is the one who cheated on you not the other woman. Your husband made the vows of fidelity to you, not his mistress. He brought her into your marriage and put you in this situation

You will not gain anything if you choose to talk to her, so if I were you I wouldn't. I am not supporting the mistress in any case, but I was in your shoes before and take my words for it, even she didn't say no to my husband, it was him who started the relationship.

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Q: What do you ask the mistress of your cheating husband?
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Why does the husband tell the mistress bad things about the wife?

he is trying to make his self look good for cheating with mistress

In the book Message From A Mistress by Niobia Bryant whose husband was cheating?


How do you know if husband is cheating?

ask him

If a wife sent her husbands mistress a message after finding out about the affair and the mistress never responded back what would the wife think about that?

For starters cheating is dishonest and selfish and there are no excuses for it. If a man is that unhappy with his wife then he should be man enough to ask for a divorce. The wife should be talking to her husband (he started the cheating) and not the mistress. A cheating husband and his mistress are spineless when caught so it makes sense that the wife has frightened the heck out of the mistress by blowing their cover of having an affair. The old saying 'there is nothing like the wrath of a woman scorned' proves well in this situation so the mistress is worrying about the wife confronting her. The wife would be wise to stop trying to contact the mistress and go after the real troublemaker ... her husband!

If the wife of a cheating husband text his mistress and says you can have him all you want do you think she meant that or just needs time to forgive him?

she meant that it is because the wife of a cheating husband is trying to do such things that the mistress of his husband realize that what she did was wrong. ANSWER: I think the wife is telling the mistress that she can have him, so she will not have to deal with pain and bad memories. And letting him go is her way to forgive him.

Is it OK for a cheating husband to bring his mistress and her children to his home with his wife and kids?

Short answer:NO!

How can you be sure that your husband's female friend tells you that your husband is cheating on you?

... Ask him...

Does a cheating husband start to mis the ex mistress after 1 year affair?

It depends on the people involved

Should a mistress tell husband is cheating?

Most mistress' do not tell the wife she is cheating with the wife's husband and the only reason for that would be to pour salt into an open wound. Mistress' are losers and will never be at the top of the list in any man's life. He may take her on vacation, dine out, go to the theater, etc., but he will generally go back to his wife or, if she finds out and they divorce the percentage is very low the husband will continue a relationship or marry his mistress.

Would you consider a husband cheating more than once if he was seeing his mistress off and on for ten months?

yes! of course!

Can you feel like you are the mistress of your spouse while he was cheating on you?

Yes, the wife can feel like a mistress when her husband is having an affair because he may well either love his wife; love both women or, he wants to continue with a sexual relationship with his wife and the adventure of having a sexual relationship that is exciting with his mistress. A wife that puts up with her husband's cheating is an enabler and if she allows it to go on then she is not only stripping herself of her dignity and self worth, but she her husband will not respect her for putting up with it. 'You' are in control of this situation and sit down with your husband and tell him you are not putting up with his cheating and he either goes to marriage counseling with you; drops the mistress or you are divorcing him. This should get his attention!

What do you do when you find out your husband is cheating?

Ask him did he do it , and if he didn't go on Jerry Springer .

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