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The grain numbers on ammunition are the projectiles weight in grains, at 7000 grains to a pound equals 437.5 grains to an ounce.

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Q: What do the grain numbers in rifle cartridges mean?
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What does S L and LR mean on a rifle?

It means the firearm can fire .22 Short, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle cartridges.

How many long rifle bullets does the mod190 hold?

Assuing you mean a Winchester 190, it holds 15 22LR cartridges

What do the numbers on a mosin-nagant rifle mean?

Most of the numbers are the serial number.

What do the stamped numbers on a rifle barrel mean?

Usually caliber and/or serial numbers.

What is the value of a 1917 Remington 300?

Do you mean a Pattern 1917 rifle that has been rechambered to one of the .300 cartridges (and if so, which?)?

What does grain mean?

=What the does grain mean?=

What does CTG'S mean?


What do you mean by All matching numbers when talking about the M1 rifle?

All parts are stamped with the exact same serial number, indicating that they're all original to the rifle.

What do the different numbers for the Hp deskjet ink mean?

The different numbers of HP deskjet ink is referring to the different model numbers of the HP deskjet printers. It is important to have the numbers on the ink be the same as the printer or ink cartridges will not fit in the HP deskjet printer.

What do the numbers mean on rifle cartridge sizes?

they can refer to year adopted, case length, bullet diameter, etc..

Can you shoot magnum shells with the 512-x?

If you mean a Remington 512 X Sportsmaster, no. It is for .22 Short, Long, Long rifle cartridges. The .22 magnum is longer, larger in diameter and more powerful.

What does it mean when on the barrel of a Stevens model 87a it says to use 22 long rifles only when on automatic?

It means use only .22 long rifle cartridges and not .22 long or .22 short cartridges. With the shorter shells, the gun may try to move two cartridges from the magazine to the chamber at once and jam. They will probably not have enough energy to operate the autoloading mechanism correctly either.