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they think if the woman smell good and if she has a good personality and nice clothes and hasn't made a lot of crimes

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Q: What do men find atractive in women?
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Why are gay men so atractive to women?

Maybe because Women know that they won't try to make any unwanted moves on them.

Are there and Maternity underwere that my man will find atractive?

Victoria Secrets offer the most appealing underwear for women.

Do you find jamaican woman atractive?

Jamaican women are some of the most attractive in the world today. Most people find them smart, beautiful, and desirable.

Why girls lough at boys?

Girls laugh at boys because they find them atractive. Girls laugh at boys because they find them atractive.

Why is Jack Peak gay?

beccaues men find him atractive and he isnt gay he is just misunderstood girls suck his 12 inch wang

Why did new England coloneis 1600 attract eropeans?

the women were VERY atractive and were single

What do men find most attractive in women?

What men find most attractive in a women is how she carries herself in front of others. Also, the appearance of a women attracts men too.

Why do women sleep with married man?

Mairage does not make a person less atractive to the opposite sex. herefore if a woman has no strong feelings on the sanctity of mairage why not. Other woman are seduced by men who fail to tell them of their marage and then find it dificult to give the relationship up. There are all kinds of reasons.

Why do women find black men attractive?

Not all women find black men attractive. A lot of women are attracted to a black mans charisma and style.

Why can people be gay?

Because some men find other men attractive.. And some women find other women attractive.

Are women more punctual than men?

Women are not more punctual than men. According to studies, men are actually more punctual than women. However, you will find both men, and women who find punctuality important, and those in both genders who do not.

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The ratio of men and women in the university of Oregon can be find out by :Number of men in the University of oregon.number of women in the university of oregon.Then , dividing the number of men : number of women.