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it means an error has occored in your computer

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Q: What do iTunes error 0xE8000065 mean?
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What does Itunes Error -42032 mean and how do you fix it?

The fix is to run itunes as administrator

What is the meaning of Error 9808 on your iTunes?

iTunes says that it is an unknown error when connecting to the iTunes store.

What does iTunes error 14 mean?

Your ispw download is corrupt redownload the firmware.

What is error 42404?

That's an error from iTunes. Try reinstalling iTunes and Quicktime.

What is error 13010 on iTunes?

itunes error 13010 refers to a corrupt itunes library genius file -- to resolve it remove the "itunes library genius.itdb" from your itunes folder and relaunch iTunes

How do you solve the iTunes error 4001?

This is what iTunes error 8012 says: "Error 8012 - There was a problem downloading the artwork for (iTunes item)." Click on the link below to go directly to the Apple iTunes support page:

What does iTunes error -9812 mean?

i have the same problem have searched pretty much everywebsite and still cant get it working...

What does Itunes error code -1 mean?

Error -1 is a bad error code. It means that the device OS could not be restored. Try to restore it two more times. If you continue to get Error -1 take the device in for service.

What is iTunes error code 4550?

iTunes error code 4550 is an error that occurs when trying to burn music to a CD. One common fix is to try burning onto a different CD.

ITunes error -3221?

i have the same problem and its just the internet con't connect to the itunes store.

What is iTunes error -9812?

iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. Maybe your Internet is off. Maybe you have a firewall that is not letting iTunes connect. Norton is vary difficult to set up for iTunes.

What does we could not complete your iTunes store request mean?

Removing the SC Info folder and rebooting solved my " unknown error occurred -50"