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go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich!!

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Give him a blowjob.

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Q: What do guys like a girl to do to him during sex?
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Do guys like it when a girl squirts when she cums?

Guys generally have a feeling of "accomplishment" or success when a girl has an orgasm during sex.

Does girls also ejaculate liquid like boys during sex?

yes, girls too ejaculate liquid like guys do. girl ejaculate only at extreme sex

What are some positions for a girl to do during sex?

reverse cowgirl guys LOVE it

Do guys get pleasure when the girl is on there period during sex?

It hurts....thy will probably get slapped

Do girls like 2 guys during sex at once?

It depends on the person. Some people, guys and girls, like to have two girls and one guy, while others enjoy two guys and one girl, but to be safe, it would be wise to ask the girl if they wouldn't mind sharing their body like that. (I personally like either two guys and me, or me, a girl, and a guy, I am female)

What do guys like best during sex?

getting a blow job and having oral sex..

Why do guys slap a girl's ass during sex?

It turns on the guy, and possibly the girl

What do guys like girls to do to them during sex?

To go down n please him

Do males like squish their face into female's boobs during sex?

Some guys do, some guys don't.

What is tyranny sex?

Either two girls dressing like guys that have sex, or two dudes dressing like girls that have sex. Or one chick that dresses like a dude, and a dude that dresses like a girl that have sex. Either or.

Is it true that when a girl moans a guys name softly and makes soft gasping noises during sex is it like music to the guy?

ABSOLUTELY! And in some cases it makes him orgasm faster.

What do guys really look for?

a girl that wants to have sex