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they feel like kissing back and to kiss on the girls breast.

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Some boys may feel flattered, happy, or shy when girls kiss them on the cheek. It can vary depending on the individual's feelings and relationship with the girl.

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Q: What do boys feel when girls kiss them on the cheek?
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Where does the girls kiss the boys except lips?

on their arms sometimes. on the cheek, the neck, the chest, and the genitals.

Can ten year old girls kiss boys on the cheek?

It's physically possible, sure. At ten boys still think girls are gross anyway...

When a guy kisses a girl on the cheek is it supposed to feel good to the girl?

Not sexually but some girls feel like your teasing them and really want you to kiss them on the lips so when you kiss their cheek it makes them want you more (in some casses)

When do the rowdyruff meet the powerpuff girls?

The Rowdyruff Boys meet the Powerpuff Girls in Season 1 episode " The Rowdyruff Boys". Mojo Jojo creates them and The Powerpuff Girls Defeat them By giving the Rowdyruff Boys a kiss on the cheek. Then HIM revives them On Season 5 on the episode "The Boys Are Back In Town"

How do girls kiss boys?

Boys generally kiss girls by applying their lips to a girls and having a puckering motion to imply a kiss.

Why do boys kiss girls on the cheek instead of the lips?

Cause they probably haven't kissed a girl yet This a shy guys way of kissing you. He likes you and is working his way up to a kiss on the lips.

Has Miley Cyrus kissed a girl before?

She does kiss girls but mostly her fam..but when it is not fam it is a friend kiss on the cheek like what you do w/ your friends. She does kiss girls but mostly her fam..but when it is not fam it is a friend kiss on the cheek like what you do w/ your friends.

Do boys kiss on the cheek?

beginners do !!! others go somewheres else

Did Miley Cyrus kiss Emily osment?

If you mean a real kiss, then no. But maybe a friendly kiss on the cheek as many girls do.

Can boys and girls kiss at the age of eleven?

Yes, but just kiss.

Do boys kiss better than girls?

Honestly it depends because sometimes when boys kiss it's a bit rough at times. And when girls kiss it either gentle or soft. So id say it would be girls

Will a girl think its cute if you kiss her on the cheek as the first kiss?

well, girls like cute stuff. and personally, i think kissing on the cheek is cute. so yea... it would be cool for the second kiss, to kiss her on the lips, she would probably like that. idk. kiss her cheek & see if she likes it. then you can get real.... :D good luk!