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Jews are not a monolith so there is no one single opinion on the subject of sex before marriage.

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Q: What do Jews think about sex before marriage?
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Is same-sex marriage prohibited by most religions?

Same-sex marriage is prohibited by Islam, Orthodox Jews (and some Conservative Jews) and most Christian denominations.

Do Jews support or oppose same-sex marriage?

A 2012 poll shows that 78% of American Jews support same-sex marriage, while 21% oppose it. It should be noted that Orthodox Judaism does not accept same-sex marriage or sexual relations.

Why do religious people think of sex before marriage is bad?

It really depends on the religion. However, it is traditional that you wait til marriage.

If you meet a guy n he tells u its love at first sight n he says he wants sex before marriage but does not have a fiance yet will he think your a slut if you agree to having sex?

yea he will think that your a slut if you have sex before marriage =Second Answer= ...but he may decide that you're a slut in a positive way.

How do Jews feel about Homosexuality?

The overwhelming majority of Jews accept homosexuality and support same-sex marriage. In fact, all branches of Judaism, except the Orthodox minority, recognize same-sex marriage.

Why is love first before marriage and sex?

Think about it. You wouldn't go up to someone you didn't love and ask them to have sex with you, or if they would marry you.

Does only sex matters after marriage?

Whether you have sex before or after marriage it always matters. When to have it is your choice.

Is it possible for a Christian guy in general to date a girl without sex before marriage?

It is possible for a christian guy to date girl without sex before marriage that is called courship but in this morden world, they have sex before marriage.

Why is sex outside of marriage bad for Christians?

It is bad not only for Christian but also for Muslims and Jews. This is because it forbidden in all religions to have sex without marriage.

Differences between traditional and modern values on sex and marriage?

Some traditional views state that sex should come only after marriage, no exceptions. Having sex before marriage was considered dishonorable. More modern views state that "safe sex" is okay before marriage.

What are catholic views on sex?

Do it often and unprotected. Actually- its no sex before marriage.

What do people who support same-sex marriage think?

They think that there is no legitimate reason to limit marriage to only opposite-sex couples. They also think that opponents of same-sex marriage are merely being mean-spirited and concocting flimsy and disingenuous arguments against legalization.