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things for their plantation

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Q: What did plantation owners encouraged to use for plantations?
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What are the features of plantation agriculture?

The main distinction between plantation agriculture and, say, natural farm agriculture, is the crops used. Plantations use mostly cash crops like tobacco, cotton, and coffee. Plantations are also most often owned by foreign owners but maintained by local labor.

What do plantation owners do?

they always use to buy and buy and buy!!

What did southern plantation owners use instead of money?

slaves, crops

What did southern plantation owners use insted of money?

Tools to use against slaves.

Why were enslaved africans brought to cuba?

Enslaved Africans were brought to Cuba to be sold to American plantation owners. These plantation owners would use the slaves to farm their land.

How did the plantation system contribute to the use of enslaved people?

Many slaves in the South were put to work on plantations before and during the Civil War. Many of these plantations were used to grow tobacco.

What did plantation owners do after bartolome told them to use African slaves?

they used the slaves as they were instruckted to

How is the cotton gin negative?

it made plantation owners buy and use more slaves.

What would plantation owners prefer slaves instead of indentured servants?

they coulld use slaves longer

Factors which prevented slaves from escaping from the plantations?

Slave owners instilled fear into slaves. They would use harsh punishment and death as an example to prevent slaves from trying to escape the plantations.

How did the civil war affect plantation owners?

The civil war affected the plantation owners in a major way. They could no longer use unpaid slave labor to plant and harvest their crops. They lost a great deal of their wealth since they could no longer afford to bring crops to market. The plantation owners wife now had to be responsible for cooking, child-rearing, and cleaning that was previously done by the slaves. They were mostly unprepared for the job.

Use a sentence with the word servitude?

Southern plantation owners relied on the SERVITUDE of purchased people for their crops to thrive, and make money.

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