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He wanted to abolished slavery.

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Q: What did James Henry think about ending slavery?
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What event made the Virginia general think about ending slavery?

Nat Thrner's Rebellion

What was James armistead childhood like?

I think it was terrible and all about slavery

Why did James Armistead help the Patriots?

I think he wanted to be free from slavery.

Why is James forten a hero?

I think James Forten is a hero because he fought for slavery and he did a lot of heroic acts in the war. He also fought for freedom rights. It means to fight for something you think is right.

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Which event made the Virginia General Assembly think about ending slavery?

A slave insurrection led by Nat Turner that killed fifty-seven whites, caused some in the Virginia General Assembly consider ending slavery as a safety precaution. However, this suggestion did not gain the needed support from the majority and never became law.

What was Harriet Tubman think about slavery?

She was against slavery.

What are the similarities between the french and british movement towards the abolishment of slavery?

A similiarity, I think, would be that they both moved towards ending the slave trade itself before the actual Slavery in the British and French colonies (: That's only one though :$ Sorry.

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Why did Benedict Arnold think James Lafayette would remain loyal?

Benedict Arnold thought James Lafayette would remain loyal to the British because he wanted to be free from slavery so was trustworthy to the British.

Why did albert barnes think slavery was wrong?

Albert Barnes believed slavery was wrong because he saw it as a violation of human rights and dignity. He also believed that every individual deserved to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their race or background. Barnes was a vocal advocate for abolition and worked towards ending the institution of slavery.

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