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When she isn't ovulating. # Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

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Q: What day a woman cannot get pregnant?
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How does a transgender woman get pregnant?

A transgender woman cannot get pregnant.

Can a women get pregnant without a period?

If a woman does not have a period she cannot get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant a day after her mentruation?

no no

You had cybersex with your girlfriend is she pregnant?

a woman cannot get pregnant by having "cybersex" only the admission of sperm in a woman's vagina.

What day and month did you get pregnant?

I cannot.

Can a 7 year old get a woman pregnant?

no. boys cannot get women pregnant until they start puberty. since 7-year-olds haven't started puberty, if they have sex they cannot get a woman pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant the day after ovulation?


If a men had a vasectomy done can a women get pregnant?

If the vasectomy was successful then no the woman cannot become pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant if a man just places his penis near the Virgina and does not ejaculate?

no they cannot get pregnant

What is the medical term for a woman who has had no pregnancies?

The medical term for a woman who has never been pregnant is called a nulligravida, A common term for a woman who cannot get pregnant is the term barren.

Can a women get pregnant in the second day of her period?

A woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilise. A woman can however get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as in the right conditions sperm can survive for up to a week, by which time menstruation could have ended and she could have ovulated.

Can an employer fire a pregnant woman?

He cannot fire her for being pregnant; but he can fire her for other reasons if he can prove them.

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