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Q: What continent did most of the slaves brought to America come from?
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What group of people came to America against their will?

West Africans, brought to the USA in the slave-trade

Where did the slaves come?

The slaves were brought over from Africa to work as slaves! so, all the blacks or coloured people living in America have relations coming from Africa, and their ancestors are African!

Why did the slaves come to America?

The immigrants from England were practicing slavery in England, so they just brought them not noticing anything.

What continent would a South American come from?

Someone from South America would come from the continent South America. There are two continents by the name America, north America and south America.

What continent do American come from?

Americans come from the country of the United States in the continent of North America.

Why did africans come to America?

They were forced to come to the America's to work as slaves for the upper-class settlersAnswerAfrica was an impoverished nation.Their people were dying of hunger and disease. The African government brought them into captivity and sold them to America in hopes of prosperity for the country. Not only was this an act of population control but also an attempt to prosper remaining natives... bring money and goods into Africa. America saw this as an opportunity to build their dreams without having to labor so tediously. African American slaves were not the first slaves in America.

Where did the slaves working in the United States of America come from?

Most slaves in the North American continent came from Africa but not all. Some were Chinese, and some Native Americans held slaves at the time that Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, these people too were free.

Llama come from which continent?

South America

How did African slaves come to America?

On boats.

What part of America did slaves come from?


Why are you called America?

Because I or I should say WE come from the Continent America.

Where did slaves that were sent to North America mainly come from?

Most slaves who were sent to North America came from Africa.