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Q: Which countries did slaves come from?
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Where would slaves come from?

Slaves would come from small villages that they lived in. African slaves came from various countries in Africa and were sold by other Africans to Europeans to be shipped to the Americas.

Were did African slaves come from?

African slaves came from the West coast of Africa - at that time there were no countries as we now know them in that area.

What religion did pharaohs and slaves believe in?

That would depend on which slaves, since slaves could come from a number of countries. It wouold depend on which Pharaoh too, since Egypt itself had the occasional change of beliefs.

Which countries first brought over slaves?

which first countries brought slaves to the U.S.A

From which African countries were the majority of slaves brought?

the African countries were brought slaves were Uganda & rwanda

Where are some countries in south America that had slaves?

Some of the countries that had slaves include Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil and Venezuela.

What were slaves doing when they were captured?

the slaves ware forced to do hardworking in European countries

What two countries were settled by freed slaves?

There were 2 countries in Africa that were havens for freed slaves. These 2 countries were Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Where did peolpe buy slaves?

Normally, you get slaves from poor countries .. where they basically have nothing better to do!

Are there any countries that keep slaves?

Officially - no.

Which countries did they sell slaves to?

America and England

Who and where did slavery come from?

Slavery is indeed very old. It started in the B.c period, when two countries were at war, the winner took the loosing soldiers and people as slaves.