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Usually a blue nautical star was used for butch lesbians.

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Q: What color of nautical star for butch lesbians?
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What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

Why do some gay people have star tattoos?

Since the 1940's and 1950's, a nautical star tattoo has been used by some to indicate their sexual orientation. Lesbians started this practice among themselves during an era when homosexuality was frowned upon and not spoken about. Many lesbians chose to get a small nautical star tattoo on the top of their wrist, which could easily be covered by a watch if needed.

Which group of people commonly uses nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier?

The group of people that commonly use nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier are the United States Armed Forces. Nautical star tattoos are made to look like a five-pointed star in a dark and light color.

If you get a star tattoo are you gay?

No, only you can decide weather you are gay or not. Enjoy you're tattoo!

What does the emo star mean?

The emo star is actual a nautical star. The nautical star is usually seen as a tattoo representing membership in the US Navy or Marine Corp. The symbol represents the five pointed star of the US flag and the red/black color pattern represents the compass rose found on old nautical maps. I do not understand why emo's get the tattoo or what it means to them.

How many nautical miles equal a nautical star for sailors tattoos?

1000 miles per nautical star.

What tattoo symbolizes guidance?

nautical star or dragon! nautical star or dragon!

What do nautical star tattoos mean?

You need to have two nautical stars tattoo. One is for to find your way in life and the other one is for luck. So they both have to be the same sizes and color.

Who are lesbians on Movie Star Planet?


How to draw a nautical star?

check out this site... it shows you how to draw a nautical star. hope this helps someone. go die in a hole

Where can a person find an image of a nautical star for a tattoo idea?

The nautical star tattoo ranks among the oldest and most symbolic of tattoo designs. Images of the nautical star can be found in a large number of places such as the Lyricwriter and TattooMeNow.

Is the nautical star a symbol of homosexuality?

The Nautical Star dates to Babylonian times, and has never been a symbol of homosexuality. Further Information: The Nautical Star is an obsolete term for the 32-point compass rose. While most people are familiar with a 4-point or 8-point compass rose that show the primary (or secondary in the case of 8), the "nautical star" had 32 points that give it the shape of a star.