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When you are pregnant you have to remember that your baby is stretching your skin and pushing on your stomach. Not only that but his umbilical cord is also attached to the navel.

AnswerBesides for making room for baby inside you are stretching girl. Enjoy your pregnancy and all the different looks and feelings you have it is a beautiful time....

Sorry but the answere about the umbilical cord being attached to your navel is wrong...The umbilical cord is attached to the placenta on one end and the other end is attached to the babys' navel...The fetus is inside a membrane(sac)filled with amniotic fluid along with the placenta and all of this is contained inside of your uterus..Your navel will go back in after the baby is born and as ststed above is only due to all of that streching...Congradulations to you..

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Q: What causes the navel to stick out during pregnancy?
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the short answer is NOPE

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The navel is one of the many erogenous zones that has heightened sensitivity. Meaning, if you were to, oh lets say 'STICK A PIN IN THERE.' I am sure you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Umbilical vein and Umbilical artery. You have a artery there. The navel is just a scar. If you puncture it, you puncture that artery and bleed internally. Have fun with that. Yup yup.

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Run a pregnancy test.

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Lortabs contain a synthetic narcotic, hydrocodone. It could affect the fetus. If your doctor prescribed it, stick to the dosage recommendations. If you get it on the street, don't do it.

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The technique for cleaning a navel depends on the type of debris that is loading the navel and if the navel is convex or concave (outie or innie). If you are encountering common navel lint, you should be able to purge a concave navel digitally. Now, that does not mean you should stick your computer in your navel, that simply means that your fingertip should be enough to sweep the lint out. In stubborn cases, you might consider enlisting the aid of a fellow navel cleaner to assist. Cooperative navel hygiene is a strong bonding activity. High pressure air (greater than 30 psi) should be avoided as should high pressure steam. Ensure that you do not use sharp objects. Avoid prolonged picking at your navel because you might accidentially un-knot your navel. If you have ever seen what an unknotted balloon does when you release it, that should give you cause for concern.

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None! Smoking is bad for both the mother and baby and can lead to serious medical complications for the baby.

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