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the short answer is NOPE

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Q: Does your navel have to stick out during pregnancy?
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When does your navel start to poke out during pregnancy?

For many woman it does, it did for me, but not in all of my pregnancies.

Why does the belly button stick out during pregnancy?

The belly button stick out during pregnancy because when the baby is inside the uterus (womb) then there is a connection(in the tubular form) for the gas exchange and food that is known as placenta.when a woman is not pregnant the its belly stick in or slightly stick out and when the woman is pregnant then the baby baby become bigger gradully due to this the delly button stick out during pregnancy.

Get pierced in the early stage of pregnancy?

Why would you get your navel pierced in the early stage of pregnancy? YES im assuming you mean a navel piercing. Otherwise what was the point of asking this.

Is playing with your navel going toaffect your pregnancy?

Nope not at all.

How many months do you got to be before your belly stick out during a pregnancy?

5 or 6

Can a pregnancy test give the wrong results if you poop during the test?

Yes, definitely! Never use a pregnancy test stick as a dildo!

What causes the navel to stick out during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant you have to remember that your baby is stretching your skin and pushing on your stomach. Not only that but his umbilical cord is also attached to the navel.AnswerBesides for making room for baby inside you are stretching girl. Enjoy your pregnancy and all the different looks and feelings you have it is a beautiful time.... Sorry but the answere about the umbilical cord being attached to your navel is wrong...The umbilical cord is attached to the placenta on one end and the other end is attached to the babys' navel...The fetus is inside a membrane(sac)filled with amniotic fluid along with the placenta and all of this is contained inside of your uterus..Your navel will go back in after the baby is born and as ststed above is only due to all of that streching...Congradulations to you..

What will your belly feel like during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

It wont feel different at all. You start to develop more fat below the navel where the embryo is to protect it.

Can woman be pregnant by touch sperm to navel?

no, pregnancy only occurs when there is vaginal to penal sex.

Can you leave your navel piercing in when pregnant?

Despite what most people say, you indeed can leave your navel in while pregnant! You need to buy a navel retainer, usually made of a hard rubber for pregnancy piercing jewelry, but almost any type of retainer will do.

Can a dog pee on a pregnantcy stick?

Okay, a dog can pee on a pregnancy stick but sometimes it might fail/not be true but most times it is to yes a dog can pee on a pregnancy stick.

Can teens have an epidural during pregnancy?

during pregnancy-no during labor yes

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