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my daughter has been on her normal period and then 2 weeks later again and it has been over 2 weeks that she has been bleeding. what could this possibly be? is it something to worry about?

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2009-08-26 16:23:04
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Q: What causes menstrual bleeding for over two weeks?
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What is excessive menstrual bleeding called?

The medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding is menorrhagia.Menorrhagia is defined by a longer period (over 7 days) and/or bleeding over 80ml.

Does eating flour slow down menstrual bleeding?

No, eating flour cannot slow down your menstrual bleeding at all.There are medications that can help lighten menstrual bleeding, and over time dietary changes can reduce menstrual flow too. But there is nothing you can eat to 'slow down' your menstrual period.

What is wrong when you have a period for over two weeks?

Excessive bleeding and an extended menstrual cycle can be caused by many things. The only way to determine the cause is to see a physician.

What is heavy menstrual bleeding?

Heavy menstrual bleeding is known by it's medical term menorrhagia. Anything over 80ml is considered to be heavy but not an indication of any sort of health problem.

If Primolut-N is taken twice a day consistently for over 4 weeks purely as a means of postponing menstrual bleeding can it act as contraception?

No it cant. It doesnt have all the components of a contraception pill.

You have had menstrual bleeding for over a year do i have fibroids?

Anything's possible, and you need to see a doctor immediately!

What is the medical term meaning excessive menstrual flow over a longer duration than normal?

Menometrorrhagia means long and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Is it normal to start and stop bleeding in one menstrual cycle?

If you stop bleeding for 24 hours, this is not normal. A variation of light to heavy flow in a day or over several days is normal.

How long does the menstrual period typically last?

day 1- Bleeding day 5- Bleeding stops day 14- new egg released lining regrows day 28- starts over

What causes a person to be nauseous for weeks with low blood pressure and no energy?

My first thought is a chronic bleeding lesion, where you are losing blood over a long period of time. This could be anything from excessive menstruation flow to a bleeding stomach ulcer to a cancer. I would suggest seeking medical attention immediately - if this has been going on for over a week, it obviously is not going to get better on its own.

Veru abnormal menstrual cycle usually around 40 day cyclThis month you had light spotting for about a week and then 1 day of moderate bleeding lighter that a normal period what could this?

Sometimes during long cycles women can have something called anovulatory bleeding. It is vaginal bleeding, but it is not typical menstrual bleeding that occurs two weeks after ovulation. Anovulatory bleeding happens during a long cycle when ovulation hasn't yet occurred; the bleeding is the result of over-proliferation of the endometrium (lining of the uterus). The hormone levels in a woman's body become insufficient to support this thickened endometrium, and some of it is sloughed off. This results in light bleeding or spotting, without cramps, that does not follow the typical heavy to light pattern of regular menstruation. There is medication that can resolve this problem. Of course, any unusual vaginal bleeding can be a sign of something more serious, so be sure to contact your healthcare provider.

Do you have your period when your on the depo?

All women on depo provera have changes in their bleeding. Some bleed more, and others bleed less. In the early months of use, you may have breakthrough bleeding that goes on for days, weeks, or months. This bleeding decreases over time.

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