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Nothing, it just might have happened early because of certain factors, but its nothing to worry about unless there are other symptoms.

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Q: What causes a women to start her period 7 days early?
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What is a sugar pill and what does it do?

A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

Why do you start your period?

So, women can have babies :)

What causes a women period to skip?

Stress, certain illnesses, and pregnancy.

What is the average age a women gets her period at?

It really depends on the person but studies have shown that at age 12 young women start their period.

Is it possible to finish your period early?

I believe when you have your period you have to allow it to flow naturally. Most women are 7 days, which is very common and the others are more than likely 5 days. All women are different so you can never determine if your period can be finished early.

Why do people start period?

if women don't have periods, they can't have children...

How can you tell if you ovulate early?

Ovulation occurs about two weeks before your period. And during the time of ovulation is when you can get pregnant. So essentially ovulation causes pregnancy if the egg is properly fertilized.

Is it normal to get a one day period 3 days early?

More than likely, yes. Each women's period is different.

When is ovulation period in women and how can it be calculated?

on day 14, when the start of bleeding ocear

How long after conception can one start feeling symptoms feeling so bloated which not normal for you and have breast tenderness Still over a week away from your period?

Bloated feling could be due to your approaching period. Some people can start having symptoms just prior to their first missed period. Most women don't have symptoms that early, but it is possible.

When did women start wearing suits?

Women started wearing business suits as early as the 1930s. These early suits were skirt suits not pants suits that can be found today.

What is that thing that forms inside a women stomach shaped like a ball that causes your period to stop?

. . . A baby?