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  • I believe when you have your period you have to allow it to flow naturally. Most women are 7 days, which is very common and the others are more than likely 5 days. All women are different so you can never determine if your period can be finished early.
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Q: Is it possible to finish your period early?
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Is it possible to get your period 2 to 3 days early?


What if you had your period early but your pill is not finish it is ok to continue to take or you stop even the 28 days is not finish?

You should continue taking the birth control pill as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

How old are you when you finish your period?

You finish your period for ever when you are 50 years old.

Finish Early?

One way to reduce the costs of a bachelor's degree is by taking as many credits as possible in a semester. By taking a lot of credits in a semester, a student can ultimately finish his or her degree and graduate early. A student may be able to save a year's worth of tuition by graduating early.

Is it possible to have a period while pregnant?

No, but during early stages of being pregnant you can get bleeding which seems like a normal period. This is common.

Is it possible to have a period one last time in the early stage of pregnancy?

It is possible to have a period all the way through pregnancy, but it may also mean you are not pregnant anymore. If you are worried, visit your doctor

Can you be pregnant and get your period 4 days early?

It is possible that you could be pregnant, take a test to know for sure

What period did Ned Kelly come the early period or later period?

early period

What are the possible causes of having an early menstruation like at age of 9?

you can start your period early, theres nothing wrong its just the time your body says

Is it possible you are pregnant because you got your period 2 weeks early and have been having tummy pains?

Yes it is.

Is it possible to get your period after 20 days when you normally get them after 28 days and what the cause?

Yes, it is possible to get your period after 20 days when you normally get then after 28 days. The cause of your period coming early could be related to stress, certain medications, hormonal changes or a health condition.

What are hormonal disorders that cause you to leak colostrum?

A small amount is possible around the time of your expected period if you are looking for it by squeezing. It is also possible in early pregnancy.