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It could mean many things. You could be pregnant or have a UTI/ blatter infection/kidney infection. If you are further along in pregnancy it could be round ligament pain or contractions.

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Q: What cause pain below the belly button and the bladder?
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Can chlamydia cause belly button discharge?

Chlamydia won't cause belly button discharge.

What causes pain in men below belly button?

A possible cause of pain below the belly button is appendicitis or abdominal gas. It is best to seek medical attention right away if these symptoms do not go away on their own.

Why do belly buttons have an odor?

The Belly Button sweats, but that is not the cause. The cause is the Bacteria living in the sweat. Bacteria thrive in a warm, moist environment, i.e. your Belly Button

Can you get a hernia from a belly button ring?

No. I've had my belly button pierced for eight years and never had a hernia. So I have a hard time believing that a belly button ring could cause a hernia. It can cause an infection but it can't cause a hernia.

Can endometriosis cause bulging stomach?

It could. This can cause swelling and if enough swelling is in the uterus, it could cause a bulge about a hand's width below the navel (belly button).

What can cause pain below the belly button after appendicectomy?

It will require investigations to diagnose the cause. It could be due to incisional hernia from the appendix operation, adhesions from previous surgery, bladder infection, gynaecological causes and bowel conditions like crowns disease and diverticular disease and irritable bowel.

Why can't I find my belly button?

cause you where not crying

If you get your belly button pierced does it cause infertility?

Never heard of such a thing. I know plenty of people that have belly button piercings and have kids...

What can cause pain behind the belly button in a female?


Why is your belly button purple?

cause someone punched you in the stomach

Which vitamins cause problems when they are in excess?

lick your belly button

Does belly button piercing cause nausea?

no It does not cause nausea because the piercing is not that intense!

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