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Never heard of such a thing. I know plenty of people that have belly button piercings and have kids...

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2008-12-16 23:12:39
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Q: If you get your belly button pierced does it cause infertility?
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Can you get a hernia from a belly button ring?

No. I've had my belly button pierced for eight years and never had a hernia. So I have a hard time believing that a belly button ring could cause a hernia. It can cause an infection but it can't cause a hernia.

Can chlamydia cause belly button discharge?

Chlamydia won't cause belly button discharge.

What if your belly button gets wet?

If you have your belly button pierced , it's good to run it under warm water . Dint freak out if puss starts coming out , that's good cause that your body trying to get the nasty stuff out . After that do your normal treatment .(:

When you first get your belly button pierced and it gets hit several times does this cause infection?

i got my belly button done at the age of 12 and my older sister kept punching it the day i got it done and all it did was hurt a lot all you have to do is clean it

Why do belly buttons have an odor?

The Belly Button sweats, but that is not the cause. The cause is the Bacteria living in the sweat. Bacteria thrive in a warm, moist environment, i.e. your Belly Button

Do you have to have an inner belly button to get it pierced Because I have an outter but would love to have it done.?

You certainly do not need to get your belly button pierced if you have an outtie.....The pressure against the jewelry will cause the jewelry to eventually migrate...You may get 2 months or two years out of it, but my bet is on the two months....One day you wil be in the shower washing your belly button and you will feel your jewelry in your hand, no blood, no pain, and no piercing....If your piercer is straight up and honest he will tell you these things.....Hope this helps...

If you play with your belly button can it make you spot?

your menstrual period has nothing to do with your belly button. While I tend to agree with the above, it's bet not to play with it if it is recently pierced...To much handling can create keloids which are ugly and difficult to get rid of...Even if it's healed dont play with it as it could cause the jewelry to migrate if it is pierced too shallow.....Hope this helps...

Can you drink a alcoholic beverage if you just got your belly button pierced?

You really shouldn't. Alcohol is a blood thinner so it increases swelling and it can cause the piercing to bleed more.

What can cause pain behind the belly button in a female?


Why is your belly button purple?

cause someone punched you in the stomach

Which vitamins cause problems when they are in excess?

lick your belly button

Does belly button piercing cause nausea?

no It does not cause nausea because the piercing is not that intense!

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