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Nothing, only time will minimize the appearance of scars, be them surgical or piercing related.

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Q: What can you take to get rid of scar tissue around your nipples from a old piercing you removed?
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Will a piercing scar if you have only had it three months?

As long as there is jewellery in the piercing the piercing will not scar, it will form new tissue that makes up the piercing. If the jewellery is removed before the piercing is allowed to heal completely this tissue will join together and form scar tissue.

Why is the tissue around your monroe piercing hard?

The body is guarding the tissue while the piercing is healing, this toughening will ease off as the piercing heals. Be sure to stay on your aftercare routine.

I got my nipples pieced 6 months ago and now there's a bubble on one of my nipples what is it?

If you have a bubble on one of your nipples 6 months after a piercing then you should see a doctor to be sure it isn't an infection. It could just be scar tissue.

Can you get your tongue pierced again if you got it removed the first time or will the scar tissue from the first piercing interfere?

well, with most piercings, pircing right behind the scar tissue will be more painful, but will make the piercing stronger.

What will happen if i take out my industrial piercing a few days after you pierced it?

Well simply put the piercing will close, any time you get a piercing and remove the jewellery a few days after the piercing has been done the body will attempt to repair the damamge by closing the piercing. Jewellery should not be removed for any reason other than to get rid of the piercing, once the jewellery is out and then reinserted at a later date, the fine new tissue that was trying to form now becomes scar tissue instead of the fine fistula that makes up the piercing tissue.

What is the margin of an excision?

The extra tissue removed from around the lesion

Is it okay to clean a lip piercing with Bactine?

No, it is not OK. Bactine dries out the skin around the piercing, meaning the skin around your piercing will die. Bacteria tends to gather in the dead tissue and can cause infection. So, no, don't use it.

How do you clear dry skin around your lip piercing?

Rinsing the piercing under running water only will allow the tissue to moisturize it's self, your cleaning product is causing the tissue to dry out, ease off on it's use and the piercing should settle down.

How do you get rid of bump around your dimple piercing?

A bump around your dimple piercing is the body guarding the piercing, the surrounding tissue toughens as the piercing heals. This will ease off as the piercing heals, ensure you are rinsing the piercing daily under running water (best done in the shower after shampoo and conditioner as these tend to irritate the piercing). Should you have serious concerns contact your body piercer and let him/her have a look at it.

What does it mean if their is a hard surface around your nipple piercing?

That will some times happen with nipple piercing as they are healing, as long as there is no other irritation from cleaning products or anything else the piercing will soften as the piercing heals. This is a guarding maneuver the tissue does as it heals. Just be sure to rinse the piercings daily under running water. You should have no need to be using any cleaning product or healing agent on your piercing, just diluted antibacterial soap and water should be all you are using. Keep in mind the nipples will also developer in size slightly as the piercings heal, this is also normal.

The skin around your tongue piercing is hard will it go away?

Yes once the body has had a chance to heal and toughen the piercing that tissue will soften up, it's what we call a guarding reaction.

Is it weird for a 14 year old to get a tragus piercing or a cartilage piercing and gun or needle?

Never get any piercing with a gun-style piercing machine no matter what. Gun-style piercing machines cause trauma, unnecessary damage, and scar tissue around the piercing that would not happen when proper equipment (a bevel-tip hollow piercing needle) is used.