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Be nice and happy around him. Don't be moody and demanding.

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2009-06-05 20:36:35
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Q: What can you do to make your boyfriend really happy?
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Why would your boyfriends best friend try to get with you?

Well it depends. Is your boyfriend's best friend recently been dumped? Cause then he could be confused. Or maybe, you make your boyfriend really happy and his best friend wanted to be happy too. You should tell your boyfriend if you really love him.

How do you make your boyfriends ex really jealous and hurt?

If you're that immature/childish/mean you don't even deserve to have a boyfriend. Just be happy he actually chooses you over her. Instead, it would probably make your boyfriend happy if you tried to be nice to his ex.

What is girls make happy?

girl can happy,if they boyfriend give something,that the girl never have it before. that their boyfriend do something special, no need to be romantic

How do you make your boyfriend touch your boobs?

Ask him, he will be happy to oblige

What does your boyfriend think about when he stares at you?

Probably either how beautiful you are or how happy you make him.

What is something good to say to make your boyfriend happy?

say you love him

How do you make your boyfriend happy in bed?

Bring a second girl into the equation.

What are things you can say to your boyfriend to make him happy?

Tell him he is so reliable

If your bf is addicted to sex and you wont give it to him what do you do to make him happy?

If he really feels he has to have sex and you don't want to, it sounds like you should find a new boyfriend.

How do you know that your ex boyfriend really liked you?

it really depends on how your relationship was when you two were together. Overall, think about how your relationship was. "Did he make you happy?, "Was he flirting with other girls while you two together? " If he made you happy, and actually showed you that he was committed then that only means one thing. He really did like you.

Is it okay to stay with your boyfriend that you are not happy with for the child?

It's certainly okay. The question is, is that really what you want to do?

What does it mean when you cry when you think about your boyfriend?

Your really happy OR you just dont like him the way you thought you did

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