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Tell him he is so reliable

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Q: What are things you can say to your boyfriend to make him happy?
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What is something good to say to make your boyfriend happy?

say you love him

How do you make your boyfriend say 'I love you first?

There is no way to make him say I love you first. But you can do things that make him want to say it. Such as doing nice things for him and being there. Maybe he just wants YOU to say it first!

How can you say happy birthday to your boyfriend?

happy birthday and give him da cake.

How do you understand what the girl requires from her boy friend?

Try asking her. Often girls are happy to answer. Just say to her, I want to make you happy, What do you want from me as your boyfriend.

Nice things to say to your boyfriend?

when you go all funny inside when a boy says something nice to you they would feel the same if you said it to them, therefore just say something that would make you happy to them hope this helps.x

What should you text your boyfriend to make him happy?

There are so many things you can say to a boy to make him happy. But everyone likes to know they're being thought about! Send him a text saying that you miss him, and that you're thinking about him. That should make him really happy. You can also compliment him, like saying something along the lines of 'I'm craving your cuddles'. That should work!

Things to say to your boyfriend to make him from being mad to happy?

you could say:- you know, theres no other place Id rather be than with you- I really like you and I want you to be happyjust give him lots of compliments, and keep talking to him, hell come around.

How do you say free things make me happy in French?

Les choses libres me rendent heureux

What to say to a boyfriend's mother on a Mother's Day card?

If you give your boyfriend's mother a Mother's Day card, you can simply say "Happy Mother's Day."

What do you say if your ex boyfriend asked you out but your best friend likes him?

Then say OK. Then be all Happy who cares.

How do you tell if your boyfriend is too tall for you?

I would say there is no to tall. If you are happy with them and they make you smile, then what is their hieght to you. All in all, personality comes first everytime.

What should a boyfriend do when his girlfriend is crying?

Brighten Things up. Say something nice to her to make her spirits rise up :)

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