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Typically pregnancy or Birth Control.

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Q: What can stop you from getting your period?
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Can you have your period stop getting it for a year then get it again?


If you have a UTI will that prevent you from getting your period?

No itwill not stop the period , it is there for a another purpose.

What are good ways to stop from getting your period monthly?

Get pregnant.

When they have the period do they stop getting taller?

No. You Still Get Taller Usually.

Can antibiotics stop your period?

No, antibiotics definitely cannot stop your period. The only known possible way to do is is by taking contraceptive pills, or getting a hysterectomy

Can you go from taking the depo injection straight to taking the pill to stop the daily bleeding you are getting with the injection?

Your body is trying to adjust from being off the shot. Taking the pill won't stop you from getting your period or make it stop when you are on it. Believe me, if there was something created to stop a period in the middle...I would have found it.

Can peeing from your vagina affect the chance of getting your period?

No, urinating from the vagina does not affect the menstrual cycle or the chance of getting your period. Menstruation is controlled by hormonal changes in the body and is not related to the urinary system.

Can you stop getting your period?

Menstruation is a natural part of a person's reproductive cycle and serves an important purpose in the body. While there are medical options available that can pause or stop menstruation temporarily, it is essential to consult with a healthcare provider to discuss the potential risks and benefits of doing so.

Can you take birth control to start your period back up?

no. Birth control pills can stop periods altogether, shorten them, or turn them in to "spotting" If you were getting your period before you started the pills. If you stop at any time during your cycle this should bring on your period.

When do woman stop getting their period?

When Woman get much older like 50 or soif you have a better answer and post it stupid:]

Will vineager stop your period?

No, vinegar will not stop your period. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle and a natural function of your body, you cannot stop your period with vinegar.

Does taking birth control pills stop you from getting your period?

it depends,if your on the 28 pack and take ur sugar pills, it wont stop you from getting ur period.if u wanna miss ur period dont take the sugar pills and continue right away wit the new pack of pills