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Typically pregnancy or Birth Control.

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Q: What can stop you from getting your period?
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Can you have your period stop getting it for a year then get it again?


Does your period stop if your getting in and out of water?

No, your period doesn't stop if you're getting in and out of water. Your period continues no matter where you are or what you're doing, the idea that it stops in water is a complete myth.

If you have a UTI will that prevent you from getting your period?

No itwill not stop the period , it is there for a another purpose.

Can girls stop getting their period?

Yes, women's periods can stop for a period of time and for a number of reasons. Pregnancy, the insertion of an IUD and menopause can all stop a woman from getting her period for a specific time frame, or in the case of menopause, all together.

What are good ways to stop from getting your period monthly?

Get pregnant.

When they have the period do they stop getting taller?

No. You Still Get Taller Usually.

When do you stop getting a period?

when you are about 50 but it is sometimes older or younger

What age does a girls stops getting her period?

You will stop getting your period when you are 45-55 and you will never get it again! YES! CAN'T WAIT!

Can antibiotics stop your period?

No, antibiotics definitely cannot stop your period. The only known possible way to do is is by taking contraceptive pills, or getting a hysterectomy

Will not taking the sugar pills stop you from getting your period?

I want to stop my period going on vacation what can i do i have a month to go and i need to get on something now help getting married and i need to enjoy my wedding day

When do females stop getting taller?

Females stop getting taller as soon as they have their periods. They stop getting taller as soon as they have their periods because your body needs to get used to the height your body needs to function for the period.

Can your periods stop completely after tubes are tied?

Periods will stop at menopause. Getting your tubes tied won't stop your period.

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