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James Brown beat her, according to her sister Ludie in Ludie's book, My Sister Tammi. Tammi was only about17/18 when this happened. she had toured with James for about 8 months but had to get out of the situation because of his abuse. he was 30 at the time.

and her most serious boyfriend was Temptations singer David Ruffin. that would be the most serious romance of her life. David also hit her, but she forgave him later after their breakup. they were together about 1.5 to 2 years in the mid 60's. poor Tammi never really had in her life what she sang so often about. the closest thing she had to a real romance was with her duet partner Marvin Gaye. they were best friends, but he was married to the sister of the owner of Motown records, Barry Gordy. Marvin and her were tight but even her sister said that it was strictly platonic. only rumors suggested otherwise. everyone who knew them well said that they were best friends only. Marvin never did recover from her death in 1970. she had collapsed in his arms during a concert in october of 1967 and was soon after diagnosed with brain cancer (tumor)

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Q: What boyfriend of Tammi Terrell beat her?
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