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She was never married to Ernie Terrell according to her sister Ludie Montgomery

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Q: Tammi Terrell was she married to Ernie Terrell?
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Is there any tammi terrell dvds?

No!,but they have a book out about tammi terrell. you should watch unsung tammi terrell.

What is tammi terrell's birthday?

Tammi Terrell was born on April 29, 1945.

What part of Philadelphia was tammi terrell born?

Tammi Terrell was born in North Philadelphia .

When was Irresistible - Tammi Terrell album - created?

Irresistible - Tammi Terrell album - was created in 1965.

Did tammi terrell die?

Tammi Terrell died on March 16, 1970 at the age of 24.

Did tammi terrel have kids?

No! tammi terrell did not have kids.

Did Eddie kendricks dated tammi terrell?

No, tammi terrell dated david ruffin not eddie kendricks.

What was Tammi Terrell's height?


Did tammi terrell have any siblings?

yes she did. a younger sister named ludie Montgomery who wrote a book about Tammi in 2005 titled My Sister Tommie, The Real Tammi Terrell.

Do Taraji P Henson looks like tammi terrell?

I totally agree and think that she should play Tammi Terrell in a movie. In fact, I think that the big studios should definitely make a movie about Tammi Terrell's life.

What is the birth name of Ernie Terrell?

Ernie Terrell's birth name is Ernest Terrell.

What nicknames does Ernie Terrell go by?

Ernie Terrell goes by The Clutch.